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See costs in your areaStart Here - Enter Your Zip Code When it comes to choosing a water heater, you may be tempted to go for the lowest price. However, remember, with these devices, cheap – usually means low or mediocre quality parts and materials that will not last too long after the warranty runs out. If you want the lowest price, home improvement stores, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, are your best bet. However, if you want a hot water heater that will last for many years, it is best to pay more and get it from a wholesale HVAC supplier and installer. One of the easiest ways to distinguish a cheap lower-quality water heater from its high-end counterpart, is by weight. High quality, expensive water heaters weigh a lot more, because they use heavy duty parts and materials to manufacture the device, making it a lot more durable. Also, keep in mind than a tankless unit can cost 2-3 times as much as a standard tank style unit. Moreover, an electric tank unit costs 15-25% less than a gas tank unit of the size capacity. In a straightforward comparison, a tank-style hot water heater costs MUCH less to install than a tankless unit. The difference can be thousands of dollars! However, you should also consider the fact that an average tankless unit will last 8-10 years longer than a tank one.


The fixture arm serves as both a waste line and a vent line. A certain amount of water remains inside the trap, which prevents sewer gases from coming back up and entering the house. Having water block the trap is good. If water blocks the trap arm it can cause clogs. Clogs can lead to sewage backing up and overflowing.  If the trap arm goes down at more than a 45 degree angle prior to reaching the vent, it is called an S-trap (because it forms an S shape) and it can cause the water to be siphoned out of the trap which means sewer gases can make their way back up into the house. This can cause people to become ill and can even lead to death in extreme cases. Note: Some older homes have S-traps as they used to be allowed, but they are prohibited by current plumbing code. However, many hardware stores still carry S-trap kits. If someone at your local hardware store tries to sell you one, please politely decline. An inspector will not approve of an S-trap. If you currently have an S-trap in your home and are having problems with sewer gases or slow drainage, you might want to consider having your plumbing updated to fit current codes.


When hosting a webinar, you are trying to establish yourself as an expert on the subject. This is not only effective at lead generation but can also help boost your online credibility. You don’t need fancy equipment either, your webcam Gordontheplumber.com Emergency Plumbing or cell phone will do the trick. You can post your video on YouTube and then share it on your social media sites. Paid ads are an effective way of generating a boost for your plumbing marketing, however it is important to note that not all ads are created the same. In the coming months, it will be important to pay attention to the new Google Chrome ad blocker that is coming out. This is designed to  block ads, that are deemed: annoying, intrusive, and disruptive. With this roll-out it will be important to focus on ads that are effective for your business, but also meet the guidelines for better ad placement. Focus on stationary ads, and avoid ads that employ disruptive videos, hard to find exit buttons, and popup ads, all of which are on the list for most annoying, disruptive, and intrusive.


We plan to be the market leader throughout California, as well. After the western United States are covered, we will be heading east. Q: Will you be expanding the air-conditioning and plumbing portions of your business or focusing on one area? Any plans to combine them under one company name? A: Our business model is both plumbing and HVAC service and modernization. We have identified and implemented many synergies that make the model less cyclical due to weather, as compared to an HVAC-only operation. We made the decision to brand the two trades differently because the consumer focus groups we commissioned early on suggest that most consumers have their plumbing company and their HVAC company. They believe that no one can be an expert at both, and I happen to agree. Q: What is your ultimate goal for Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber?


Flick it up and the water stops, flick it down and the water drains. Generally trouble free but as time goes by hair, soap scum and variety of mysterious childrens toys make their way into the drain and interfere with plunger causing it to hang up or not operate at all. In addition the linkage that connects the plunger to the trip lever up top gets loose or completely disconnected. When this happens some minor (or major) adjustments will be required by removing the overflow plate / trip lever assembly and exploring exactly what the issue could be. The sewer rodding overflow is also the access through which you would run an electric snake in the event of a complete tub blockage. Care must be taken when performing either of these procedures because not all overflows are secured to the tub thru use of a backup plate which is screwed directly  into the overflow tube. If buy chance that overflow tube becomes dislodged from the waste tee inside the wall, you’ll be placing a call into your local friendly plumber (ouch). This is especially true  when trying to clear a stoppage with an electric snake. An occasional lubrication of the plunger and linkage is always recommended, but care must be taken whenever you remove the overflow plate / trip lever.


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